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January 2012



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January 4th, 2012

4 january 2012

Since the last post a lot has happened:

Halloween was incredible. Molly was a lion and me and ricardo were romans.
Lets see, then came some cool stuff.
Ricardo graduated. We started spending way more time together.
I found out my car was totally broken, but I fixed it. 530.00 later, its fixed.
I took a leave from school.
Ricardo and I went up to Ft. Benning to a cabin in the woods.
It was the most incredible time.
I felt like the drive was like an hour, time really does fly when youre in good company.
We had a blast on the car ride there.
Then we get to the gates and hear.. "Welcome Home"
Which was pret-ty badass if I do say so myself.
We drove out to Utchee Creek Campgrounds but no was was available.
We then turned around to drive all over post to find lodging for a few hours because we were so tired.
Ricardo went into a hotel on post to find a room and I took the wheel.
Needless to say not 5 seconds after buckling up we were pulled over. Go figure, lol.
The police dude helped us off post to get some breakfast. Burger King was close, and open...
After that we went to the camp site again and checked in.
They gave us a GREAT rate.
We drive to our lot and find the most adorable cabin.
Legit cabin...
Like, wood floors to ceiling.
It was perfect. I didnt know what to expect but Im glad thats what was delivered.
We slept a while, and made breakfast everyday.
And dinner every night.
Ricardo really is the light of my life. Ive never had so much fun enjoying the time I spend.
We went to the Infantry Museum and saw a TON of cool stuff.
We got stickers and grenades and i saw the most badass scrapbook ever in the universe.
But anyway, the museum took my breath away. I mean, I never knew the impact of the infantry.
We went upstairs and searched for my grandpa in the OCS hall of fame thing, and we found him.
Which was so cool.
I didnt have the patience or attention span to complete the entire museum. But, I dont think its going anywhere.

The whole post was beautiful and so was the weather.
It was wet, and humid and rainy and perfect cuddle weather.
Not perfect driving weather, but cuddles? Yes sir!

We went to the PX and the Commisary and did all the fun things you can do off post, and after our first day we traveled off post.
Saw INCREDIBLE shopping, had dinner at the Olive garden.
I tasted moscato for the first time, and we watched my FIRST tom cruise film.
It was ricardos birthday and I really wanted to get him a game we could play together..

This game was the most piece of shit game in the universe.
And I cant even admit it out loud...

Trust me, it was garbage and me and ricardo fought over just how stupid it was.

Next day, was his birthday.
Couldnt find anything to do, so we went to see another movie.

Then we packed up the house and cleaned everything up...
And started on our journey home.

We got home, went to bed. Ricardo went to a show, I stayed home and hung out and the next day started the christmas festivities.
Dinner with my family, Dinner with his.
Presents with mine, presents with his.

But the most important was OUR christmas.
He got me the most incredible perfume Ive ever smelled.
And I got him COD MW3 and a blue tooth headseat.

Fast forward to NYE.


the best day of my life...


I love ricardo.
And this year, is the year for us..